Climbing Mt. Field

What better way to enjoy a sunny day in the Canadian Rockies than go for a hike up a mountain!

This was probably one of the more challenging hikes I've done to date. If you have the legs (4,400+ft elevation gain) I would definitely recommend this hike. The trail head is located a couple kilometers east of the town of Field on highway 1 in Yoho National Park.

I didn't take many photos on the way up because I was too busy fossil hunting! Trilobite hunting to be more specific. This trail skirts past the famous Burgess Shale World Heritage Site, and the slopes are absolutely littered with these 520,000,000 year old critters! 

After arriving at the summit I set up my iPhone on some rocks, to record a time lapse of a rain storm blowing across the mountains toward Emerald Lake.

I took a couple panoramas and drank the remainder of my poorly rationed water, before racing the rain back down the steep rocky slope. The last few kilometers were by moonlight.

click the image for a larger view.


Man.. it is A LOT of work setting up a website yourself. But I'm finally DONE! (for now) 

 To celebrate I've decided to make my first blog post!

On August 29th I will be guiding a photographic hike at the top of Kicking Horse Resort (go here to sign up! --> The hike is FREE with the purchase of a sight seeing (gondola) pass!

I thought I'd share a few photos from my short walk at the top of Kicking Horse Resort yesterday.


kicking horse portrait
kicking horse flowers
kicking horse terminator