Throwback Thursday - Hiking in Austria

A few summers back, my girlfriend and I spent a week hiking in the Austrian Alps. Don't ask me where, because I don't have the mental capacity to comprehend the German language.

We hiked up the slopes of a ski resort to get to this lake. (again, don't ask me where) We had planned to hike beyond this lake, up the slope in the distance to another lake, but the ski hill really kicked our asses and we were already out of water.

When we arrived at the shore of the lake, we were shocked to see nearly 100 people sunbathing and splashing (and screaming) in the water. It was nice to see the local Austrians enjoying their back country, but the screaming children and loud conversations really killed the vibe. We made our way to the far side of the lake to take a break and cool our feet down.

We could have taken a gondola up to a couple kilometers below this lake (which explains the crowd) but what's the fun in that? ;) We did stop to split a raspberry slurpee at the cafe before our descent tho.