Nighttime Adventures - Invermere, BC

It was about 3:00am.

I kept hearing a rustling in the distance getting louder. I was in the rough and the tall grass was soaking my pant legs. I was clutching my bear spray like a scared cop.

My goal was to basically take this exact picture, but I wasn't totally sure where this guy was and my headlamp was of little use in the complete darkness, I continued up over a hill and there he was, standing perfectly still, looking out toward the skyline.

Now to burst your bubble, this is a bronze statue at a golf course in Invermere, which I saw on the cover of the phone-book and decided I HAD to go find it and take this picture. 

The story is entirely true though, I'm pretty sure the rustling was a tarp in the wind.. It WAS scary as shit tho.