After Party! - Late Nights & Green Lights

After running around photographing the Golden Sound Festival Saturday night (9 bands in 3 bars over 6 hours) I arrived home around 3:00 am and noticed the northern lights dancing in the north.
"DAMMIT" I thought. I was really looking forward to getting some much needed sleep. Of course I could have just snapped off a few photos from the parking lot and went to bed like most people would do, but that's not how I roll..  so I grabbed my tripod and headed out to the Blaeberry Valley. 

20 minutes later I arrived at the bridge over the Blaeberry River. I could see some head lamps bouncing around at the I.O.B campground down the river, so I knew I wasn't the only one enjoying the show. The milky way was very prominent that night above Willowbank Mountain and the aurora was stretching all the way over to the west.

I set up my tripod and got to work, struggling not to fall asleep between exposures.. I shared the photos the following day to our local community facebook page and got an overwhelming response. It makes it much easier to put in the extra effort when you know it will be appreciated.

I am looking forward to some rain to wash this smoke away from the big fire in Washington, I'm beginning to forget what the sky actually looks like!

Here's a few photos!