Defense Training Dummy

In the summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to spend a week at a dog training camp with my in-laws, who are dog breeders and trainers. 

Lukas (in blue) and Honza (in yellow) are actually the top military and police dog trainers in Czech Republic, and they personally train a large number of the police dogs in North America as well as Europe!

At the camp they taught basic obedience as well as some advanced defense training. Many people in Europe train their dogs to protect them from potential threats, in the same way they train police dogs.

It's really interesting to watch these guys work, they put so much effort into their 'performance' to make the dog want to bite them! 

I made a joke that I'd love to try it, assuming it was far too dangerous for them to allow it. But this isn't Canada..  earlier that day I had my beer served by a 6 year old..

They let me try it with a regular dog, thinking that would be enough.. but I was too rough with him, so Lukas went and got the beautiful German Shepard police dog he has been personally training! I was told she was tougher than me, and could easily overpower me..

There is actually more to it then just sticking out your arm and letting a dog bite you. When they are running at you from a distance, they build up A LOT of speed. The trick is to turn your body WHILE the dog is biting you, to transfer their forward movement into a rotational movement, otherwise the dog may break their neck on impact!

Check out some videos on Youtube to watch grown men the size of Lukas get pulled off their feet and spun 360 degrees!